Powerboat P1 - 14 December 2010
nothing-wooden-about-wettpunktcom-five-years-on-from-p1-crowning-glory Powerboat P1 - 14 December 2010-- Five years ago today, celebrations were still in full swing following Hannes Bohinc’s first Powerboat P1 Endurance World Championship triumph. The Fabio Buzzi...Read More
Cowes-Torquay - 19 November 2010
wettpunktcom-on-dahlia-tv Cowes-Torquay - 19 November 2010 -- Highlights of the 2010 UIM Marathon World Cup – held in Cowes this summer – are set to be broadcast to a wide audience via Dahlia TV.The event, supported by...Read More
General News - 09 November 2010
casino-tivoli-a-winner-for-bohinc General News - 09 November 2010 -- When Hannes Bohinc bought his first boat, even he could not have predicted the wave of achievement that was to come over the next 18 years. A keen seaman since...Read More
Cowes-Torquay - 13 October 2010
british-powerboat-festival-set-for-the-airwaves Cowes-Torquay - 13 October 2010 -- Coverage of the 2010 British Powerboat Festival is set to be broadcast on Sky Sports in the UK and Ireland later this month. Supported by in its...Read More
Cowes-Torquay - 13 October 2010
wettpunktcom-a-media-draw-at-powerboat-festival Cowes-Toquay - 13 October 2010 -- The 2010 British Powerboat Festival has received more exposure than any other British-organised powerboating event in the sport’s 107-year history, with the...Read More
Cowes-Torquay - 03 September 2010
Cowes-Torquay 3 September 2010 -- Action from the British Powerboat Festival and UIM Marathon World Cup 2010 is now available. Click here for extended video highlights of the...Read More
Cowes-Torquay - 03 September 2010
there-is-no-i-in-wettpunktcom Cowes-Torquay - 3 September 2010 -- Teamwork is at the heart of success in any form of motorsport, and it was on show in Cowes over the British Powerboat Festival weekend as strived...Read More
Cowes-Torquay - 30 August 2010
no-cowes-glory-for-wettpunktcom Cowes-Torquay - 30 August 2010 -- Rough sea conditions and a power loss in the starboard engine forced the early retirement of from the Cowes Torquay Cowes and abruptly ended the...Read More
Cowes-Torquay - 28 August 2010
wettpunktcom-takes-sixth-place-in-heavy-seas Cowes-Torquay - 28 August 2010 -- Cowes, Isle of Wight, Friday 27th, in the hands of owner and throttleman, Hannes Bohinc, driver Max Holzfeind and navigator Ed Williams-...Read More
Cowes-Torquay - 26 August 2010
one-to-watch Cowes-Torquay - 26 August 2010 -- One of the most distinctive boats on display at Cowes during this weekend’s British Powerboat Festival will be the FPT powered The 39ft Rigid...Read More
Cowes-Torquay - 25 August 2010
festival-showdown-looms-for-powerboat-racers Cowes-Torquay - 25 August 2010 -- As the days and hours count down to Friday’s eagerly awaited UIM Marathon World Cup in Cowes, reigning Powerboat P1 World Champion Hannes Bohinc has declared...Read More
Cowes-Torquay - 18 August 2010
cowes-gearing-up-for-new-look-powerboat-festival Cowes-Torquay - 18 August 2010 -- 2010 British Powerboat Festival sponsors – promoters of the Round Britain Land, Sea and Air Race 2012 – have introduced a packed programme of family...Read More
Cowes-Torquay - 16 August 2010
old-adversaries-prepare-for-cowes-showdown Cowes-Torquay - 16 August 2010 -- Fabio Buzzi and Hannes Bohinc – two of the world’s great powerboating adversaries – will go head to head at this year’s British Powerboat Festival in search of...Read More
Cowes-Torquay - 06 August 2010
long-live-the-gentleman-racer-as-cowes-gets-set-for-2010-event Cowes-Torquay - 6 August 2010 -- The gentleman racer may be a dying breed in motorsport but he remains the lifeblood of endurance powerboating and will feature prominently in Cowes over August...Read More
Cowes-Torquay - 29 July 2010
bohinc-to-race-in-cowes-torquay-cowes Cowes-Torquay - 29 July 2010 -- Hannes Bohinc, the Austrian world powerboat champion, will aim to become only the fourth man in history to win the Cowes Torquay Cowes three times when his...Read More
Cowes-Torquay - 09 July 2010
harmsworth-trophy-makes-comeback Cowes-Torquay - 9 July 2010 -- The British Powerboat Racing Club (BPRC) has announced that the Harmsworth Trophy, one of the most prestigious prizes in world motorsport, will be awarded at this...Read More
Cowes-Torquay - 02 June 2010
golden-memories-for-bohinc-as-cowes-torquay-gears-up-for-50th Cowes-Torquay - 2 June 2010 -- 2010 looks set to be bigger and better than ever before for The Cowes–Torquay–Cowes as the British Powerboat Racing Club (BPRC) celebrates the 50th anniversary of...Read More
General News - 07 April 2010
motorsport-world-governing-bodies-strengthen-syinergies General News - 7 April 2010 -- An historic first meeting of the four leading motorsport world governing bodies (FIA, FIM, FAI and UIM) took place on the 27th March at the Automobile Club de Monaco...Read More
Cowes-Torquay - 24 March 2010
wettpunktcom-sucess-inspires-fb-design-campaign Cowes-Torquay 24 March 2010 -- Though was unable to carry Hannes Bohinc to a hat-trick title at The Cowes–Torquay–Cowes in 2009, his success with the Fabio Buzzi designed RIB has...Read More
General News - 09 March 2010
uim-honours-world-champions-in-monaco General News - 9 March 2010 -- Over 70 powerboat world champions from across the globe were honoured for their 2009 achievements by the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) at its Awards...Read More
General News - 15 February 2010
1995-thats-what-you-call-a-golden-year General News - 15 February 2010 -- It is now 15 years since Hannes Bohinc enjoyed the most rewarding season of his distinguished powerboating career. It is an achievement and landmark that is...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 14 January 2010
powerboat-p1-season-review   General News 14 January 2010 - Hannes Bohinc and Giancarlo Cangiano were crowned Powerboat P1 World Champions for 2009 after a sizzling season-finale at the Sicilian Grand Prix of the Sea in...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 14 January 2010
latest-powerboat-p1-videos General News 14 Janurary 2010 - Hannes Bohinc and Giancarlo Cangiano were crowned Powerboat P1 World Champions for 2009 after a sizzling season-finale at the Sicilian Grand Prix of the Sea in...Read More
General News - 20 December 2009
General News - 20 December 2009 -- Best Wishes and Seasons Greetings from Hannes and the Racing Team, and a big thank you for your support in...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 07 December 2009
business-as-usual-for-bohinc General News 07 December 2009 - Hannes Bohinc experienced an incredible debut season in the SNAV OSG boat, as the team claimed the Powerboat P1 Evolution class title, with the championship going...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 11 November 2009
postcard-from-sicily General News 11 November 2009 - Siracusa, Sicily, proved to be a fitting venue for Powerboat P1’s season decider. Not only was it possible to find a number of impressive vantage points to watch...Read More
Cowes-Torquay - 11 November 2009
cowes-motors-tv-schedule- Cowes-Torquay 11 November 2009 -- Catch all the action of this year’s Cowes-Torquay-Cowes on MotorsTV. November 11th - MotorsTV - 9.50pm November 12th - MotorsTV - 5.00am November 14th -...Read More
Cowes-Torquay - 29 September 2009
cowes-sky-tv-schedule Cowes-Torquay - 26 September 2009 -- Catch all the action of this year’s Cowes-Torquay-Cowes on SKY television. Available on both regular and HD versions of Sky Sports 2 and 3.October 8th - Sky...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 14 September 2009
2009-world-champions-bohinc-cangiano-and-carpitella Hannes Bohinc, Giancarlo Cangiano and Giovanni Carpitella were crowned 2009 Evolution class World Champions as the OSG Racing teams Mercury- powered Outerlimits powerboat took second place...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 13 September 2009
snav-osg-wins-in-sicily-title-in-sight General News 13 September 2009 - SNAV OSG, the Mercury-powered Outerlimits powerboat, took control of the 2009 Powerboat P1 World Championship with an emphatic victory in the season’s...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 12 September 2009
fiore-declares-outerlimits-ready-for-action General News 12 September 2009 - The Outerlimits powerboat of the OSG Racing team is ready for action following yesterday’s surface repair on the eve of the Powerboat P1 Grand Prix of...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 12 September 2009
no-plain-sailing-for-p1s-championship-contenders General News 12 September 2009 - On the eve of Powerboat P1’s season finale in Sicily, all three championship contenders suffered setbacks to their preparations as the tension builds and the...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 09 September 2009
bohinc-and-cangiano-set-for-weekends-p1-championship-decider General News 09 September 2009 - The Powerboat P1 World Championship reaches its nail biting finale in Siracusa, Sicily at the weekend with three teams still battling for the Evolution Class...Read More
Cowes-Torquay - 04 September 2009
bohinc-declares-the-fb-rib-39-a-monster Cowes-Torquay 4 September 2009 -- “This is a monster, monster boat, another Fabio Buzzi success story,” exclaimed Hannes Bohinc the Austrian powerboat ace after his team came so...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 02 September 2009
q-a-a-with-hannes-bohinc General News 02 September 2009 - The name Hannes Bohinc is synonymous with top-flight powerboat racing, having established himslef as a highly experienced and accomplished racer. So, who better...Read More
Cowes-Torquay - 30 August 2009
wettpunktcom-denied-in-home-strait Cowes-Torquay - 30 August 2009 -- Austrian Hannes Bohinc and his team were cruelly denied victory in the Cowes-Torquay-Cowes when a ruptured fuel tank forced the Buzzi-designed...Read More
Cowes-Torquay - 29 August 2009
hold-on-for-a-bumpy-ride Cowes-Torquay - 29 August 2009 -- Hannes Bohinc, Ed Williams-Hawkes and Max Holzfeind are in for a bumpy ride when challenges for the Beaverbrook Trophy in tomorrow’s...Read More
Cowes-Torquay - 26 August 2009
bohinc-returns-to-cowes-with-trusty-fossil Cowes-Torquay - 26 August 2009 -- Austrian powerboat ace, Hannes Bohinc, will be looking to become only the fourth man in history to win the coveted Cowes Torquay Cowes three times, when he sets...Read More
Cowes-Torquay - 22 August 2009
buzzi-declares-the-bohinc-rib-ready-for-cowes Cowes-Torquay - 22 August 2009 -- Fabio Buzzi, the Italian boat builder whose latest creation, the FB RIB 39’, will be officially presented at the 2009 Festival International de la Plaisance in...Read More
Cowes-Torquay - 17 August 2009
bohinc-to-race-latest-buzzi-design-at-cowes Cowes-Torquay - 17 August 2009 -- Hannes Bohinc, the Austrian powerboat world champion, will aim to become only the fourth man in history to complete a hatrick of wins in the coveted...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 10 August 2009
high-drama-as-bohinc-and-cangiano-win-gp General News 10 August 2009 - In a race temporarily stopped on lap 10 after a dramatic spin out of by one of the front runners, Hannes Bohinc and Giancarlo Cangiano secured a third Grand Prix win...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 09 August 2009
bohinc-and-cagiano-win-in-sweden General News 09 August 2009 - SNAV OSG, piloted by Hannes Bohinc and Giancarlo Cangiano, secured its fourth win of the season in today’s closely fought sprint race, moving the OSG Team a step...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 08 August 2009
osg-satisfied-but-the-belgians-are-coming General News 08 August 2009 - Hannes Bohinc and Giancarlo Cangiano finished second behind the Belgium boat, Furnibo, in this afternoon’s PowerPole for the Scandinavian Grand Prix of the Sea, and...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 07 August 2009
scandinavian-grand-prix-of-the-sea General News 07 August 2009 - SNAV OSG was the star performer in this mornings practice session and both pilots, Hannes Bohinc and Giancarlo Cangiano, expressed satisfaction with the speed and...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 06 August 2009
zz-top-and-hannes-bohinc-more-in-common-than-just-beards General News August 06 2009 - What do Hannes Bohinc, David Coulthard, Arnold Schwarzenegger and ZZ Top have in common? They have all contracted the services of Tiroch, one of Europe’s most...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 04 August 2009
bohinc-focusses-on-swedish-mission General News 04 August 2009 - Hannes Bohinc, one of the most distinguished pilots in world powerboating, will arrive in Gothenburg on Thursday, knowing that anything less than a win in the...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 30 July 2009
next-stop-for-snav-osg-gothenburg- General News 30 July 2009 - Hannes Bohinc and Giancarlo Cangiano are prepared for choppy waters and tough racing as they finish testing and head to Gothenburg for rounds seven and eight of the...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 10 July 2009
bohinc-gives-thumbs-up-to-all-italian-line-up General News 10 July 2009 - The OSG Racing team will compete in this weekend’s Powerboat P1 Italian Grand Prix with an all-Italian line-up, Giovanni Carpitella replacing Hannes Bohinc to partner...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 06 July 2009
bohinc-ready-for-the-swedish-grand-prix General News 06 July 2009 - Twice winner of the Harmsworth Trophy and one of only six racers in history to have won the coveted Cowes Torquay Cowes on more than one occasion, Hannes Bohinc,...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 06 July 2009
osg-wins-italian-gp-as-thunder-rolls-in General News 06 July 2009 - The pursuit of the P1 World Championship is back on track for OSG Racing after another impressive winning performance by the Italian outfit to claim the Italian Grand...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 05 July 2009
thunderstorms-delay-endurance-race General News 05 July 2009 - The second leg of the Italian Grand Prix of the Sea has been delayed due to heavy rain and thunderstorms. SNAV OSG owner and throttleman Giancarlo Cangiano and fellow...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 04 July 2009
all-italian-podium-as-osg-racing-wins General News 04 July 2009 - SNAV OSG, piloted by Giancarlo Cangiano and Giovanni Carpitella, re-affirmed its Powerboat P1 World Championship challenge with an impressive win in today’s first leg...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 04 July 2009
osg-racing-seek-italian-renaissance- General News 04 july 2009 - Championship contenders, OSG Racing, are determined to put the disappointment of Turkey behind them as they look to return to winning ways in this afternoon’s first...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 27 June 2009
welcome-to-baby-eva   The OSG Racing Team would like to congratulate Giancarlo and Alessandra on the fantastic arrival of their baby daughter, Eva.           Read More
Powerboat P1 - 21 June 2009
an-empty-weekend-for-osg The unpredictability of motorsport was never more visible than in Istanbul this weekend as the OSG Racing team, fresh from a win in Malta looked to continue its winning ways and further extend its...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 20 June 2009
no-turkish-delight-for-osg Hannes Bohinc and Giovanni Carpitella were forced to retire SNAV OSG during the first lap of the third round of the World Championship when the belt powering the superchargers snapped. It was a...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 19 June 2009
bohinc-on-song-with-third-in-powerpole- A cross wind and strong current did not appear to phase the leading teams as they completed the PowerPole in speeds of around 110mph in preparation for tomorrow’s third round of the Powerboat P1...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 19 June 2009
lets-talk-turkey SNAV OSG travels to Turkey this weekend for rounds three and four of the Powerboat P1 World Championship in Istanbul. The driver pairing of Austrian Hannes Bohinc and this weekend’s replacement...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 10 June 2009
bohinc-on-the-button-for-turkish-gp P1 World Championship leader, Hannes Bohinc, will look to emulate Jenson Button when he arrives in Istanbul next week for the Turkish Grand Prix of the Sea. The 49 year old Austrian will face...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 27 May 2009
carpitella-set-to-partner-bohinc-in-turkey Giovanni Carpitella, the current Class 3, 6-litre world speed record holder and one of the world’s top powerboaters, is set to join Hannes Bohinc in SNAV OSG for rounds three and four of the P1...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 10 May 2009
an-osg-class-act-in-malta Hannes Bohinc and Giancarlo Cangiano powered SNAV OSG to an impressive victory to claim the Powerboat P1 Maltese Grand Prix of the Sea, and lead the Evolution class after two rounds of the World...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 10 May 2009
its-all-change Under protest, the Powerboat P1 race stewards have revised their earlier decision and the finishing order in the Evolution class reverts to its original cross-the-line positions. The top-five...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 10 May 2009
victory-for-bohinc-and-osg Maltese Grand Prix of the Sea : Valetta Harbour, Malta Sprint Race Result – Evolution Class 1 -  88 -  SNAV OSG -  IT -  35:14.94 2 -  10 -  Cigarette Smash...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 09 May 2009
bohinc-confident-after-strong-powerpole SNAV OSG pilot Hannes Bohinc anticipates a tough battle with Outerlimits rivals, Lucas Oil Budweiser, in today’s Maltese Grand Prix sprint race. SNAV OSG and Lucas Oil Budweiser were separated by...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 09 May 2009
bohinc-and-cangiano-take-pole Maltese Grand Prix of the Sea : Valetta Harbour, Malta Powerpole Result 1 -  88 -  SNAV OSG -  IT -  3:02.88 2 -  77 -  Lucas Oil Budweiser -  USA - ...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 08 May 2009
the-calm-before-the-storm Powerboat P1 08 May 2009 -- Hannes Bohinc and Giancarlo Cangiano of OSG Racing, relax on the quayside in Valetta, Malta, less than 48 hours before they embark on their powerboat world...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 27 April 2009
the-diesel-era-ends-for-bohinc-as-malta-looms Powerboat P1 27 April 2009 -- In less than three weeks, Austrian powerboat ace, Hannes Bohinc, will return to one of his favourite venues, Valletta, Malta, for the opening rounds of the 2009...Read More
Powerboat P1 - 20 March 2009
bohinc-teams-up-with-cangiano-and-osg Powerboat P1 20 March 2009 -- Hannes Bohinc, one of the world’s most decorated powerboat racers, will return to the top flight in 2009 when he joins the Italian OSG Racing Team, partnering 2006...Read More
General News - 13 February 2009
wettpunkt-photo-wins-an-award General News - 13 February 2009 -- Chris Davies, one of the worlds leading photographers of powerboat racing has been recognised for the quality of his work by the UIM in its annual photography...Read More