Harmsworth Trophy 2003

The big event of the 2003 season was the Centenary ‘British International Harmsworth Trophy’ race.

A grand three heat event, the first race was the prestigious ‘Needles Trophy’ out of the Royal Motor Yacht Club in Poole, and the next two heats - Round the Island race (2 laps) and Cowes–Torquay–Cowes marathon - from the Royal Yacht Squadron in Cowes.

The races were held during the last week of August.

The Needles Trophy

The Needles Trophy is one of the most beautiful in Offshore, a solid silver sculpture of the Needles Lighthouse off the western tip of the Isle of Wight and was inaugurated in 1932.

Weather conditions were awful, and the sea was very rough throughout the race. Wettpunkt‘ fought all the way against the Buzzi 1700 hp 42ft RIB, ‘Eraser II’ driven by Andy Macateer.

The Buzzi Rib spent most of the race stalking ‘Wettpunkt‘s’ rooster tail.  Offshore the RIB was more stable and quicker in the rough than Hannes, and by the closing stages of the last lap‚ Eraser II‘ was in the lead, but with a diversion off the racing line close to Anvil Point, running about 50m from the rocks, Hannes was able to speed up in the calmer water and get back on level terms. The inside line was held to the Dolphin buoy turn and on the last leg, at 76 knots in big water, the crew managed to get ‘Wettpunkt’ ahead by about