Powerboat P1 2004

The Powerboat P1 World Championship was still building momentum when Hannes Bohinc decided to ‘test the waters’ with his Fabio Buzzi-designed, powered by Seatek engines.

The championship had been the domain of the Italian crews, but Bohinc would prove his credentials and lay the foundations for his glorious 2005 winning campaign.’s 2004 highlight was the British Grand Prix of the Sea in Brighton.

High seas and rough conditions which, in many eyes, should have seen the cancellation of the race, meant that a robust boat, high standards of seamanship and ‘bottle’ were the order of the day.

Bohinc’s boat, Casino Tivoli had the history and the build to handle the storms, Bohinc and his crew had the expertise and experience as they took victory. “These were some of the worst conditions we have ever experienced, but we knew the pedigree of boat and crew.” said Bohinc.

The sweet taste of victory in Europe’s premier offshore series had whet the appetite of the Austrian team, 2005 could not come soon enough.