Powerboat P1 2005

On Sunday 2nd October 2005, became the Powerboat P1 Endurance World Champions.  It was a story of never say never as the team, soundly beaten in the first four races, clawed their way back into contention to win the world crown in the final race of the season.  The victory was sealed by a great racing thoroughbred, expertly piloted by skilled and experienced racers whose grit, determination, occasional good fortune and seamanship would demonstrate to all, the classic qualities required to win at the highest level of world endurance racing.

The Admiral-Casino Tivoli had already become a powerboating legend, having won many of the great classic events over the previous decade.

Designed by Fabio Buzzi, the beautifully crafted Admiral-Casino Tivoli had an unrivalled pedigree as a racing machine but would now, ten years after taking Hannes Bohinc to victory in the 202 mile Martini Marathon, face one of the toughest tests of its illustrious life.

Re-named, its main competition for the Evolution world crown in one of the world’s most competitive race series would be the brand new FB boat, Sony, piloted by owner Mario Invernizzi alongside Giovanni Carpitella and Christian Rivolta, and the Donzi OSG of owner and throttleman Giancarlo Cangiano. These rival Italian teams were well funded and keenly supported by engine manufacturers Isotta Fraschini and Mercruiser respectively. By the start of the 2005 season, had undergone a major transformation.