An OSG Class Act In Malta!

Hannes Bohinc and Giancarlo Cangiano powered SNAV OSG to an impressive victory to claim the Powerboat P1 Maltese Grand Prix of the Sea, and lead the Evolution class after two rounds of the World Championship.

It was a remarkable achievement considering that it was the first time that the two former P1 World Champions had competed together and for Austrian, Bohinc, it was his first ever race behind the wheel of a petrol powered craft.

The early stages of today’s 74-mile Endurance race followed a similar pattern to yesterday with the Cigarette boat of Nicolini and Fendi taking an early lead, the two Outerlimits boats of Lucas Oil and OSG Racing battling for second place.

Then drama on lap 4, as the lead boat span out, forcing its retirement and handing the lead to Nigel Hook and Joe Sgro in Lucas Oil with SNAV OSG second and Silverline third.

At the half way stage Bohinc and Cangiano were more than 25 seconds down, due largely to an early spin from which they swiftly recovered.

As the race progressed and with the lead boat in their sights, the pairing demonstrated a masterclass in seamanship, reducing the deficit at every turn.

The manoeuvre to take the lead was what makes powerboating such an exciting spectacle.

As Lucas Oil attempted to lap Silverline, SNAV OSG blasted through the middle, and for a couple of seconds visibility was lost in the spray.

When normal service was resumed, Bohinc and Cangiano had taken the lead and heading for a memorable victory.

Giancarlo Cangiano, Team Owner and Throttleman, OSG Racing:

“Our partnership was improving lap by lap and this is a fantastic end to a great weekend for everyone associated with the team. We had a strategy, we kept to it and it paid off.”

Hannes Bohinc, Driver, OSG Racing:

“It was very hot and very draining. The petrol engine requires different disciplines to diesel and we are still on a learning curve but this is a very satisfying start. Well done to everyone at OSG and Outerlimits for preparing the boat so well.”

The teams now head for Istanbul,Turkey for rounds 3 and 4 of the P1 World Championship which takes place on 20/21 June.


10May09 02

Maltese Grand Prix of the Sea : Valetta Harbour, Malta

Provisional Endurance Race Result – Evolution Class

POS -  NO.  -  TEAM -  NAT.  -  TIME -  LAPS -  PTS.

1 -  88 -  SNAV OSG -  IT -  1:25:15.00 -  14 - 100

2 -  47 -  Silverline -  GBR -  04:47.00 -  13 - 90 13

3 -  77 -  Lucas Oil Budweiser -  USA -  DNF -  11 - 81

10 -  Cigarette Smash Poker -  IT -  DNF

66 -  Cranefields Wine -  DE -  DNS

53 -  Metamarine Pignolo 53 -  IT -  DNS


Powerboat P1 World Championship Standings

Evolution Class - Rounds 1 and 2

1 -  88 -  SNAV OSG -  IT -  181

2 -  77 -  Lucas Oil Budweiser -  USA -  171

3 -  47 -  Silverline -  GBR -  163

4 -  10 -  Cigarette Smash Poker -  IT -  100

5 -  66 -  Cranefields Wine -  DE -  66

6 -  53 -  Metamarine Pignolo 53 -  IT -  0