Powerboat P1 2006

During 2006, Hannes Bohinc commissioned Italian powerboat legend Fabio Buzzi to design and build a brand new boat to compete in Offshore powerboat racing. “Mr Buzzi and myself both want to win the P1 World title,” The Austrian explained at the time. “We know from our most recent experiences that our best way of doing this is by working together. “There are a lot of factors involved in winning a championship. A top class racing boat, reliable engines, thorough preparation, good seamanship, a skilled and totally committed race team. “Add to that a large slice of good fortune, which is an essential ingredient when man and machine take on the elements!”

Powered by Isotta Fraschini engines, the boat lined up for the start of the 2007 Powerboat P1 World Championship in Valletta, Malta and, in very testing conditions, and took second place; a promising start. In Naples three weeks later, finished second again, a creditable performance but one that left owner throttleman Bohinc very unhappy with the organisers.“It has become clear,” he said, “that the rules and course layouts no longer provide a level playing field for diesel boats. We have the best offshore diesel race boat in the world but it can never show its true class on such twisty circuits that are designed to favour petrol engines.”

In the third race in Travemunde – marred by the death of Sergio Carpentieri – a blown turbo put paid to the Austrian challenge and the team withdrew from the championship.

In 2008, the boats would demonstrate its credentials, taking five outright wins in the Round Britain race.

The petrol-powered Fountain Worldwide won the 2007 Evolution World Championship crown, taking fourth overall.