Class P2 1995

The year of 1995 would become Bohinc’s greatest and most prolific in powerboating.

12 months previously, the Austrian entrepreneur had entered the FB Design team, joining forces with Fabio Buzzi in a business arrangement now heralded as one of, if not the best in the history of powerboat racing.

The 1993 Martini Endurance Trophy winner became the owner of a 1989 FB 46’ already possessing a winning pedigree; it was from then on that the relationship between Bohinc and Buzzi grew stronger and stronger.Nobody could have been surprised by the upcoming success of this dynamic duo.

The Enzo Ferrari of powerboating was the dominant force of offshore endurance competition during this time, winning very nearly every title in sight. Put simply, it ruled the waves.

With Buzzi and fellow Italians Emilio Riganti and Gianfranco Zanoni alternating duties on the throttle, Bohinc, living up to his billing and new title of ‘Mister Endurance’, had around him a team that was second to none as his Admiral Casino Tivoli, equipped with four Seatek engines, left the opposition in its wake.

The Bohinc-Buzzi combination competed at the very highest level around the globe in a variety of craft, succeeding in race after race, event after event and smashing record after record, some of which remain in place even today.