Max Holzfeind

Max Holzfeind - Driver - was a relative latecomer to top-line powerboating. After buying a Buzzi RIB in 2003, he acquired a taste for racing and subsequently competed alongside his business associate and fellow Austrian Hannes Bohinc in a number of events, including the 2006 Powerboat P1 World Championship.

A calm and composed competitor with a strong technical mind, Holzfeind comes prepared for any eventuality, and remains un-phased by the prospect of throwing himself into any situation in order to secure victory.

Though he became a very competent seaman at an early age, having enjoyed sailing and motorboating, the 2008 Round Britain Race represented the first major on-water endurance challenge for the Austrian entrepreneur from Klagenfurt.

Any inexperience was unnoticeable as Holzfeind and the team secured five wins overall, including a hat-trick of successive victories, during the event.

The consecutive wins came between Bangor, Northern Ireland – Oban, Scotland (day four), Inverness, Scotland – Edinburgh, Scotland (day six) and Edinburgh, Scotland – Newcastle, England (day seven), underlining the credentials of the Wettpunkt.com craft and its crew.