Harmsworth Trophy 2003 - 4

stepping from one wave to another, arriving in Torquay with a 3 minute lead. After the mandatory refuelling stop, 500 litres, they set out on the return run with the engines at ‘full throttle’ all the way. Although it was perfect racing conditions the crew were on edge, checking to ensure that they didn’t have a repeat of their Needles Race problem- they had to finish to win the Trophy. Hannes arrived clear of the rest of the fleet, to win his second Harmsworth title, and a ‘barrow load’ of trophies at the prize giving at the Royal Yacht Squadron. ‘Eraser II’ was second and the first British boat home, a great result for their inaugural season.

Trophies presented to the team:

The British International Harmsworth Trophy

The Beaverbrook Trophy

The Cougar Trophy

The Mellery-Pratt Trophy

The Bahamas Trophy

The Unohoo Trophy

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