Ed Williams-Hawkes

Ed Williams-Hawkes – Navigator – was born in Southampton and now lives in Topsham, Devon. He is one of the most experienced navigators in world powerboating and a class winner in the 1984 Round Britain Race.

With a keen eye for detail, he also undertook the teams planning and logistics, a considerable challenge in its own right. Williams-Hawkes was an early member of the Exe Powerboat and Ski Club and the British Barefoot Club.

He has had a long career racing boats in 20 different classes accumulating more than 200 wins, during which he knocked out his right eye in a powerboat accident.

Racing as a navigator he has broken speed records at World, European and National levels in Classes 2, 3, RIB and Pro Vee. He has raced with Wettpunkt.com for several years, navigating the team to the 2005 Powerboat P1 World Championship title.

His other most notable victories include the Drakkar Noir Class 2 World Championship Final Race and the ultimate award, the Centenary Harmsworth Trophy.

A former owner of the Imperial Hotel in Exeter, Williams-Hawkes is most certainly a man who falls under